Apple Watch Series 3 : The Simplified Guide for Beginners, Dummies and Seniors

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(as of Sep 22,2020 22:40:03 UTC – Details)

Apple Watch Series 3 is a Smartwatch in the Apple lineup. It offers several unique features to make the users more active and better monitor their health among several other great features for humanity. This high-end Smartwatch could be useful for business users, including improved travel notifications and call capabilities.

As amazing as all the new features are, it’s not quite as easy to use like an iPhone or iPad; the lack of buttons, the smaller screen, and general UI can make a frustrating initial experience.

To make things simple, this book has exclusive tips and tasks you can achieve with your new Apple Watch Series.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t have a lot of time to comb through thousands of tech-pages just to learn how to use an iwatch maximally and effectively, then this book is for you!

This book has exclusive tips and in-depth tutorials on the tasks you can achieve with your new Apple Watch Series with the new WatchOS 6 and ECG App. Also; simple enough to understand and a follow-through guide suitable for kids, teens, dummies, and seniors.

This simplified book will also get you equipped with knowledge on how to take the maximum advantage of your Apple Watch.