Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Users Manual: A Simple Step By Step Manual on How to Master Your New Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 with Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Pro

Price: ₹ 220.00
(as of Sep 27,2020 19:12:43 UTC – Details)

Are you looking for an ideal Smartphone that rivals the new generation PC?

Do you want a step by step guide that teaches you how to use your new Samsung galaxy Z Fold 2 like a pro?

If “yes” then look no further. This user manual contains step by step instructions on how to use and master your galaxy note in a single day. The new Galaxy Z Fold 2 comes with new and advanced features such as Samsung DeX, Xbox gaming support, high quality audio, video and camera recording. This manual will help you become a pro in few minutes.

Some of the information you will get from this book includes:

  • Capture amazing footage with cameras
  • True Zoom and Super Optic Zoom
  • Zoom-in Microphone
  • True Zoom and Super Optic Zoom
  • Send and receive files with Quick Share
  • Send and receive files with Nearby Share
  • Film and edit an 8K video
  • Record and edit 8K videos
  • Share your 8K video
  • Use Air Actions with your S Pen
  • Organize your Samsung Note folders
  • Import and export PDFs
  • Sync your voice recordings with Samsung Notes
  • Play your animated notes
  • Share and transfer files via your Galaxy Smartphone and Windows
  • Display your phone’s screen on your computer
  • Activate the blue light filter
  • Share and transfer files Via your Galaxy phone and Windows
  • Share your files using Link to Windows
  • Share files with a USB cable
  • Display your phone’s screen on your computer
  • Share music with your friend
  • Set up Music Share
  • Set up and use Samsung DeX
  • Set up and use a DeX or HDMI cable
  • Configured and use a DeX Pad or Station
  • Use your device as a Touchpad
  • Switch from screen mirroring
  • Configure and use Samsung DeX for PC
  • Use DeX on a tablet without an external display
  • Use DeX wirelessly with a TV

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