Thrive Themes vs Elegant Themes vs Studio Press: Who Wins the Game & Why?

Almost every theme in the market has some unique functionalities combined with some negative & positive points, but it isn’t wise to shell out all the money and try all themes just to find out which one is the most suitable for your WordPress website.

To save all my readers time & money, It’s essential to bring up an in-depth comparison between StudioPress VsThrive Theme Vs Elegant Theme.

The compassion would be a face-off between these themes in terms of support, features, affordability, features , ease of use etc. If you’re really on the verge of buying out a theme amongst them, then make sure to read this ultimate showdown and make your purchase worth every penny.

Let’s read on !!!

Before Proceeding, Lets first discuss. Why do you need a Premium Theme?

Importance of a Premium WordPress Theme: 

Enhanced Branding:

A free theme lacks several important features that may make your blog/site look unprofessional.Investing in a premium theme builds trust factor & credibility among the site visitor.

Enhanced Time Spent:

A premium theme makes an ordinary blog extraordinary by adding some cool features like better scrolling,presentation which makes the user stay for a long time on the site.

Better Conversion Optimization:

Premium themes make sure you get the most professional layout with tons of features that when combined with content creates a masterpiece thereby increasing the chances of more lead and affiliate sales.

Support & Updates:

Imagine a scenario where you got struck with a free theme and you have to stumble upon youtube or google to find a fix. In the digital world, time is money and these premium themes save your time by providing you unmatched support and updates.

Quick Introduction to Each Theme:

Now as we have already discussed the importance of using a premium theme for our blog,let’s now have a quick discussion about each of the following themes. 

Elegant Theme: ( Theme + DIVI 4.0 Builder )

Elegant themes are one of the most widely used premium themes that can cater to any blogging needs.For those who are new to the wordpress world and have little knowledge about customisation, then this theme lets you create awesome blog pages without having any knowledge of coding.

There are more than 87 themes one can choose among and with their latest DIVI theme you can customize the layout easily.These theme combined with DIVI Visual Builder 4.0 is an ultimate combination of power and simplicity.

DIVI 4.0 Theme Builder

From professional blogging sites to Ecommerce stores , you can create a power subset with this DIVI 4.0 + Elegant themes.There drag and drop page builder provides an ultimate user experience and even novice users can learn it easily through their video tutorials.


  • Custom layout creation and row adjustments with just a click
  • Add various elements like buttons,testimonials,timers etc
  • Duplicate Element on the page
  • Custom Editing settings with lockable element options
  • Draw custom spacings and margins
  • Custom Header / Footer options
  • Import & Export Theme builder options
  • Product Template Varieties
  • Better WooCommerce Modules

Thrive Themes:

People looking for themes pre designed for SEO and conversion purposes may choose Thrive themes. The framework of this theme is very light and it’s easy seamless user interface makes it easy to design custom content even without using some theme builder software.Apart from that there unique Image compression tool can be their USP as no other theme is offering this feature.


  • Niche Specific themes that are multipurpose to use.
  • Themes are more SEO friendly as compared to other competitors
  • There unique Image compression systems helps compress image while we are uploading it to wordpress
  • Built In Landing Pages that matches your niche.
  • Better Lead generation & sales optimized landing page collection
  • Headline Analyzer
  • Best in class Thrive content builder
  • Thrive Leads Plugin lets generate pop ups easily.

StudioPress Themes (Theme + Genesis Framework)

StudioPress Themes is one of the products launched by industry pioneers Copyblogger media.Those who wish to launch their site with content marketing specific themes and blogger friendly plugins may fund this a holy grail.Expert blogging sites like Backlinko,problogger are among advocates of this theme.

Genesis Framework:

Allows you to custom code predefined themes and make stunning websites with minimum coding knowledge.It also comes with lifetime updates and customer support which when combined with High quality Easy coding makes this framework and child theme package a must buy.


  • Their themes run on the Genesis framework which gets regular updates and has clean coding.
  • This theme has advanced security features which makes it more reliable among many users.
  • 35 + Studio Pro themes bundled with a pro package that caters all needs.
  • Blazing fast loading speed and mobile friendly themes with size less than 500kb ( Other themes are 10 Mb at least).
  • Schema markup enabled themes which fetches higher ranking automatically.
  • All themes are highly SEO Friendly.

The Ultimate Faceoff

Elegant Themes Thrive Themes Studio Press Themes
Ease of Use ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐ ⭐
Coding Skills Required No coding Required No coding Required Coding required for customization
Conversion Optimized ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Updates Regular Automatic Updates 1 click Install
Customer Support Decent Best In Class Average
Value For Money $249
Life Time Membership
Life Time Membership
$87 Upfront + $19 Monthly (Costly)

So, we have covered our best Unbiased review of all the three themes. Personally, as far as features and cost are said, I recommend Thrive theme as it supports best in class features and superb customer support.

In a Nutshell,

If you are a Blogger, Then go for Elegant Themes or StudioPress themes.

If you are an E-commerce guy, Then go for Thrive Themes as it gives me better conversions and better leads.